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Saturday, September 29, 2007

First STAG poll in the books

Thanks to the easy to use Blogger poll widget, I ran my first STAG poll this week: "What do you like most on STAG?" The answers weren't really all that surprising.

With 45 people voting, the most popular selection, at 46% with 21 votes was Newsy Stuff: openings, closings, new beers, and the like. Next was Trip Stories, at 10 votes, for 22%. Tasting notes just edged out SBP notes, 6 votes to 5 votes, at 13% and 11%. Penderyn brought up the rear: only 3 votes were for pictures of my dog (and one of the votes was my daughter).

So what? Nothing, really, just for fun. But it is about how the posts work out, roughly, so I hope most of you are happy.

1 comment:

Unknown said...


I guess no comments says it all, we are happy. I think your journalistic approach towards policy, analyzing the laws, and discussing beer's future course is outstanding and your position serves an important role, as craft beer becomes more mainstream. I count on you for news!

I also love it when you write about tusslin with your online haters, and when you make comments about beer thongs! haha