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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's Jack Daniel's World...

...we're just living in it. That's the opener to my Straight Whiskey cover story for BeverAge this month. I liked the way this one came out -- particularly the two sidebars on rye, and Canadian and blended whiskeys (great Larry Kass quote at the end of that second sidebar). It seems particularly appropriate to post this on the day before I leave for the Kentucky Bourbon Festival (and as I scramble to finish my next story for BeverAge before I leave!).


Anonymous said...


I agree with your satisfaction on this article, and I'm really pleased to see that American whiskey is finally getting the respect it deserves, and it deserves it more than many people realize. The regulations imposed on straight whiskey prevent the adulteration that can infiltrate ANY other type of whiskey, worldwide.

When you begin to look at the caramel coloring added indiscriminately to scotches, and the mysterious '9.09 percent' afforded the Canadians for adding just about anything to their whisky, one can begin to appreciate the absolute purity of American straights.

My only complaint would be quite self-serving. For years you've talked about the amazing bargains that have been available across the board in straights, and with the distillers finally able to take advantage of the market demands, were seeing the prices rise beyond what I can pay for these gems. I'd LOVE to try out Parker's Heritage (at $80 a bottle), or the Rittenhouse 21 (at $150), but I can get (many) multiple Old Grand Dad BIBs, Wild Turkey Ryes, Elijah Craigs, or Evan Williams 1783s for the same money.

God bless 'em for finally being able to make some dough, and it will probably mean better whiskey even for us price-conscious drinkers, but they're finally pricing themselves out of my modest budget. Ah, how fondly I remember $40 George T. Stagg!


Anonymous said...

Really nice piece Lew...I am liking the pickup of whiskey pieces on STAG.