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Thursday, September 20, 2007

What Does John Know? A lot, actually

My friend, my boss, John Hansell, has been doing Malt Advocate for over 15 years. But he's been a Scotch whisky and bourbon lover for a lot longer than that. That combination of amateur and pro experience has netted him an astounding network of connections, and he's wired in to almost every whisk(e)y company on earth.

He's decided to share that knowledge with the world in a brand new feature on our magazine website called What Does John Know? Essentially, when John finds something out -- like the new Balvenie 17 Year Old Oak Cask he wrote about today, or the two new Wild Turkey releases he talked about last week, or the Glenfarclas Family Casks (which I was lucky enough to taste a few with him in July) -- he'll tell you.

If you like whisky a lot more than most folks, you'll want to check this often. Cool new feature, and believe me, John's plenty obsessive enough to keep it current!


Anonymous said...


Will we ba able to feed him questions through you or will it be through the magazine website?

P.S. Off topic, but do your kids go to the George School? I saw that HUGE donation on the news this AM (been by the school more than once in my PA days).

Lew Bryson said...


For now, John's take on this is kind of like Don Im*s used to say about talk radio: "It's talk radio: I talk and you listen! We'll work him up to questions slowly...

No, the school's just down the road, but my kids don't go there. Hell, it costs about twice what my son's school does!