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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Otter Creek Cuckoo Bock

The Otter's back in Germany, and this stop's tasting okay. It's Cuckoo Bock, a "German-style Mai Bock." Very malty, kinda dry, and it's got the hops thing that makes American brewers just loooooove maibock. Maybe a little overly hoppy for the style, and that's putting a bit of a hitch in my enjoyment of this one.

Then again... the more I drink, the smoother it gets. But I still think I'd like it better with less hop.


Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed this heller(ish) bock. Delicious biscuity malt character and spicy hop charge. Fruity esters minimal. I'll have mine with some Manchego cheese, please! Steve Parkes is doing wonderful things at Otter Creek.

Lew Bryson said...

We may not quite agree on this one, but I have no argument about enjoying Steve Parkes's beers!