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Friday, October 26, 2007

Gourding our loins

The new Condé Nast Portfolio column's up, on pumpkin beers. I've got some tasting notes on an attached slideshow, and I've picked up another pumpkin beer I want to do, from Elysian (thanks, guys!), so that will be showing up here shortly. Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Neat article, Lew.

Quick question now...

If I see a Pumpkin beer in the stores in April, can I assume that I should keep away from it?

P.S. I thought the Dogfish Head Punkin tasted just like pie. My personal vote for #1.

Lew Bryson said...

Roughly the same rules as other beers, Bill: if it's big -- like the Weyerbacher -- it's going to hold up better. I've had year-old Weyerbacher Pumpkin that tasted great. "Regular" strength beers? No, drink them now, drink them till about January...and then wait till next fall.

The Punkin was a pleasant surprise; didn't like earlier versions of it so much.

Alan said...

...Owens had learned the secret to cooking with pumpkin: It’s what you add to it that creates the flavor.

While I do not disagree with you in terms of the present crop of beers, I am disappointed by brewers overly spicing pumpkin beers. I've make a Ringwood yeast pumpkin porter that accentuates that goodly gourdly additive without breaking out the taste powder. Roasty sweet pumpkin flesh goes nicely with roasty sweet crystal and chocolate malted brew. But every commercial brewer seems to aim for the pale ale segment only or its trendier pal, the I-beer.

By the way, pumpkin beer triggered my favorite example of a good wine writer showing he does not have a clue about craft beer, despite being assigned to the beat:

@SKeithJ said...

I'm a huge fan of seasonals. Nothing better then getting a nice Wheat in the Spring/Summer when the temp starts to heat up, or a nice Porter or Stout in the Winter to keep you warm. My favorite seasonals year in year out are the fall Marzens, Octoberfests, and Pumpkins. This weekend I had a chance to grab a growler of the pumpkin offering from the King of Prussia Rock Bottom (had the rye while I was there too, which was very interesting.) I had read some not spectacular reviews on BA, but I thought it was well balanced with a good hint of pumpkin, and not overpowering spices. I also had a chance to grab a growler of Gen Lafayette's Octoberfest which was fantastic. Long Live Fall. Lew, what are some of your favorite local seasonal offerings?