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Sunday, December 16, 2007

One Guy, One Week

One Guy Brewing is that close to opening. Pretty much just waiting on arrival of papers at this point. The plan is for a soft opening on a couple weekends to shake things down, followed by a mid-January grand opening. What about that Christmas beer, the spiced dunkelweizen? Well, says Guy Hagner, it works as a winter beer, too.


Anonymous said...

Great news from Guy, and good to hear from you, Lew! Was wondering if you were on leave for the past week! Spiced dunkel? Should be worth the trip alone! Looking forward to seeing you soon, Guy!

Side note: I made it to Elk Creek yesterday, and the beers are really good. Five on tap right now. The darker they get, they better they are!

Merry Christmas to all!

Lew Bryson said...

The last week was pretty crazy, Sam. Barely had time to have a beer. Wrote three pieces (Conde Nast, All About Beer, and Mass Bev Biz), attended beer dinners in NYC and Philly, and sang my church Christmas concert. And was up till 1:40 AM Sat. night ferrying around my son and his friends for the school winter dance. Finally got some beer yesterday: Elysium Bifröst Winter Ale, a very nice, flowery-hop, full-bodied IPA; and Otter Creek's Otter Kilter, a damned fine wee heavy that made me glad to drink a higher-ABV beer without even a hint of sour/funk to it.

Lew Bryson said...

Things may or may not workout that fast... Just talked to Guy, and although he was approved by the health inspector, the actual certificate can take four weeks, and PLCB may or may not require the actual certificate "hanging on the wall," Guy said.

I'll keep you apprised. Meanwhile, Sam sends an Elk Creek update I'll share shortly.