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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Tom Baker to open brewpub in Philly

Uncle Jack's got the dope at the Beer Yard: former Heavyweight Brewing one-man show (which was always a man-and-woman show with wife Peggy Zwerver) Tom Baker will be opening his long-awaited brewpub not in New York, not in New Jersey, but in Philadelphia, in Mt. Airy, to be exact.

Tom Baker told The Beer Yard this morning that the brewpub he and wife/partner Peggy Zwerver promised to open when they shut down Heavyweight Brewing last year will be located on Germantown Avenue in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia and that he hopes to open the doors by the end of March 2008.
"We have a signed lease and will be moving our equipment into place as soon as possible," Baker said. "We also plan to relocate our residence to the area and hope to become a part of the neighborhood and a destination site for beer lovers."
The new pub, to be named Earth, Bread & Brewery will feature flatbread and Baker's beers, along with guest craft beers. "We have a full liquor license but won't use that right off the bat. We'll take things slow and get them right."
Earth, Bread & Brewery will be located at 7136 Germantown Avenue, a few blocks south of McMenamin's Tavern.

Well, that's a load off my mind. Jack promises more details.


Deuane said...

Well, all I can say to that is HOLY! PA's (and Philly's) gain is EVERYONES loss! Hurray for Tom and Peggy!

Stonch said...

It's a shame Tom Baker got so fat, kind of rules him out of appearing in Doctor Who again.

Anonymous said...

From my conversations with Tom and Peggy, their new establishment will be committed to be as environmentally friendly as possible and relying on local/regional grown produce when possible. The menu will feature the four-fermented food groups - beer, wine, bread and cheese. There will probably be five or six Tom-brewed beers and similar number of local/regional guest beers. So bring your growlers and if you want to take your flatbread or pizza home with you, you better bring a container with you because you can't recycle used pizza boxes.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Stonch, I've been waiting at least 8 years for someone else to notice the Dr. Who connection with regards to Mr. Baker. That being said, I assure you the Tom in question works too hard and doesn't eat enough bad things to ever possibly get fat.

Anonymous said...

tom and peggy's pizza RULES!!!!

should be a very nice new restaurant, although I shudder to think about driving down those cobblestones or lincoln drive after a few heavyweights!

Anonymous said...

Awesome news for two of possibly the nicest people in the biz. When I told my wife this news my 5 year old son said "Tom and Peggy from the Heavy Brewery? Cool!".


Good luck to them.

Anonymous said...

We wish all the luck in the world to Peggy and Tom in their new adventure! Tom makes the BEST pizzas! And Peggy is one hot hostess!

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to feel a little gassy...I think the Lynne fermenter has been "fired" up.

Congrats Peg & Tom on following through with your dream!