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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

"Our long national nightmare is over."

Okay, that was actually Gerald Ford talking about Nixon's involvement with Watergate. But it just as easily could have been said about this. Lord almighty, yes, it could.

Happy Day of Repeal, Americans! Let's lift a legal glass and celebrate.


Anonymous said...

[I'm pulling a beeradvocate here...] So, what is everyone celebrating with? I think I'll toast Repeal Day with a nice Humboldt Brewing Nectar IPA. That will go along nicely with my the thai food I'm planning to have for dinner.

Go Hokies!

Anonymous said...

With the glass lifted and in perfect reframe, let's rejoice, celebrate and sing, "Oh happy days!!" may we never deal with the sad and shameful curse called's very unnatural and very unAmerican.

The bottomline the states and the federal government couldn't afford another round of prohibition.

Anonymous said...

meh, you're in PA arent you? whats to celebrate? Amendment XXI is what keeps us imprisoned by the PLCB to this day!

Lew Bryson said...

May be, Nipsey, but it's a cage with gilded bars.