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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Philadelphia Brewing Co. nails two good ones

A quick note: I haven't written very much at all here about Philadelphia Brewing Co., the new company formed by Bill and Nancy Barton when Tom Kehoe split with the Yards name. That is not because of any reason other than I've just been real busy.

I'm very happy to say that I had my first two official PBC beers today, and they were excellent. Walt Wit, with a very cool pencil taphandle, was dry, bitter, spicy, and a pleasingly distinctive take on the witbier category that's so popular in Philly. It would have been easy to have been just like someone else: Walt Wit's like its namesake, definitely different. Kenzinger, described as a cross between a pilsner and a k├Âlsch, may have strained my belief on the description, but it drank very easy: hoppy, crisp, poundable...this may be my new summertime keg beer, given the still-mourned demise of Steg Summer Stock.


Kevin said...

I see that you were a part of the reason that I was unable to get a Walt Wit even though I arrived at 11:15. I am sure that I will get the chance to have it in the future. I was mainly there to get a taste of the O'Reilly's on cask. I was not impressed however. It tasted thinner not quite insipid just slightly more watery. It may be that I was comparing it to the Irish Stout that was on cask at Iron Hill WC that was amazing. In the end didn't get a chance to taste the Kenzinger as I opted for the Sprecher Dark as my wife doesn't drink we only stayed for the meal. I had a good time in the chaos which did not bother me one bit.

Lew Bryson said...

A small part of the reason...I hear they hit it pretty hard the night before; the Yards PYNK, too. I actually liked the O'Reilly's on cask, and liked it today, too. But...that's why there's more than one kind, eh? I had a good time in the chaos, too: thanks for coming out!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to trying all of their beers!