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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Update to Lager Gala

Two final beers added to the Triumph Lager Gala: a Triumph Dunkel and Blonde Doppelbock. If any of you know Jay Misson, you know the lineage of that last one, which goes back all the way to the fabled lager microbrewery at Vernon Valley, New Jersey. Worth the event, right there.

Another change: Lancaster will be sending Franklinfest, not Gold Star Pilsner...which is actually Philly-er, as Franklinfest was born here, at the old Independence Brewery out on Comly Street.

$4 a half-liter, pay as you go. This event is looking to turn into the after-event party of Philly Beer Week: be there, 6-10.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I am there....this is the event that I have been looking forward too and I really plan to enjoy!

Jay said...

I need a helicopter (or a hovercraft) so I can get to this one!

Scoats said...

LAGERS! I am not missing this one!

Anonymous said...

Can you say, Schweineruckensteak mit speck?

Oh the Landjaegers, Leberkase, leberwurst, and salami!

Oh, beer too!


Lew Bryson said...


There ain't nothing that wouldn't taste better with a little speck!