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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Brewing to return to Titusville -- UPDATE

Four Sons will rise from the ashes.

Okay, it didn't actually burn, and it's not going to be called Four Sons anymore, but anyone who's been following the explosion of craft brewing in western Pennsylvania knows what I'm talking about. Matt Allyn e-mailed about it yesterday, and this appeared in the Erie Times-News today.

Matt Allyn e-mailed again, and there are some corrections below, one of which corrects an error in the newspaper article cited above.

Pertinent points:
  • The new owners are Keystone Brewing Co., which is managed by Bill Zimmer, a Corry (PA) native (just like Matt and North Country's Sean McIntyre...who knew they had such a hospitality program at Corry High?) with "a résumé full of Montana resort experience."
  • (Update: the company does not include J. Michael Allyn, Matt Allyn's dad: "J. Michael Allyn is the director of the [Titusville] Redevelopment Authority. And happens to be my dad," says Matt. Another reason, he adds, that his name is not on the paperwork.)
  • They signed a lease last Thursday, and hope to open by June 1.
  • Matt Allyn will be brewing "a more traditional German-style lineup."
  • The chef will be, once again, Jeremy Potocki (a partner in Keystone), and cheers to that.
  • The name has not yet been announced. (Update: the name will be "Blue Canoe": it's "almost set" according to Matt.)
  • Keystone still needs to secure a brewers license -- which should be pretty easy, given that it's a re-licensing -- and a liquor license, which shouldn't be too hard in the area.

The article also mentions that Four Sons was $400,000 in debt when they closed on 1/1/07. Ouch. Matt seems confident (always did) that the site can be profitable...if run right. And no, this will not affect any of the plans for Voodoo in Meadville.

Good to see brewing return to Titusville!


Anonymous said...

Excellent news! I made it to Four Sons when things were still good, and it was a truly delightful experience. Beautiful building, great food and beers, and friendly staff. I look forward to the next visit even more!

Anonymous said...

If only we can get brewing going on in Titusville, NJ! Ahh...rnough of my wishful thinking.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to Titusville getting back on the map. Matt's really done an excellent job with VooDoo so I'm anxious to make the quick drive up for the opening of this one.

That guy said...

So will Matt be pulling double duty then? Or is this a sign of dark days for Voodoo?

Anonymous said...

no actually he has another shipment of beer coming this way, carbonation issues taken care of, reformulated white magic of the sun and spring IPA coming too.

Black Magic and Big black voodoo daddy soon ...


Anonymous said...

This is great news. We found Four Sons by chance while sightseeing during Oil City's Oil Heritage Week and loved it.

Anonymous said...

This *is* great news! Like Tony, I stumbled upon Four Sons by chance and loved it ... the next year, I meant to pass that way again but discovered they had closed. If the new brewery is half as good, I'll be glad to make the trek.

Deuane said...

Well, since you are the "professional" we let you have this one! I knew about this on Saturday as I chatted Matt up at the cask fest hosted by Zeno's. Yeah, cask ale....where were you Lew and Sam??

Contrary to the Erie story the new place does have a name...maybe not set in stone they don't want to announce it and then be embarrassed if they change it.

Good for Matt and for the other folks involved...I always liked Four Sons and was sad when they closed. I wish them nothing but the best and hope that the area folks embrace what they are trying to do.

Anonymous said...

Hey Duane, Lew and I have a legitimate reason for not being at Zeno's for the Cask Fest (which I hear from others was outstanding)...we were both at WhiskyFest Chicago, which may have eclipsed the event you attended by a teeeeeeny bit! Hope to have a beer with you soon!

Deuane said...

Sam K quipped...we were both at WhiskyFest Chicago, which may have eclipsed the event you attended by a teeeeeeny bit!

Yeah..whatever, I was perfectly happy drinking in the basement at Zeno's chattin' it up with all in attendance!

I am sure I would have had a blast in Chi-town with you guys too...although I have lost my palate (mostly) for whisky....certainly a GOOD thing for my wallet!

So yes, I agree, your excuse for not being there is totally valid. Hope you gys had a great time!

Jay said...

Just had dinner and beer at the blue canoe, they opened this past tuesday. I had sausage sausage platter and the wife had the seared tuna. we had the hummus platter as well. all where very good. I had the heavy kevy, which is just heavy k with a new name, still an excellent scotch ale. I also had the distorter porter, which is a cross between a traditional porter and a stout. both where very good and quite reminiscent of the four sons experience. the bar is largely unchanged. they did away with the refrigerated bar.

Lew Bryson said...

Great to hear, Jay! And you know, I'm kinda glad they did away with the ice bar...that kinda thing doesn't belong in a brewpub.

Unknown said...

The Blue Canoe now has a website at

Anonymous said...

We were recently in Titusville to visit family as we now live out of state and were looking for some place different than the usual fast food places and other restaurants in Titusville. So we went to the Blue Canoe for the first time. Great place! Loved the atmosphere and the food was delicious! We will definately go back when we are in town again. Hey, I can remember when that building was home to a men's clothing store! That's going back a bit! I am glad to see the brewery/restaurant open again! Can't wait to go back there and try something different! Keep up the great work!