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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Take a look at The Beer Brotha

I don't usually make an announcement when I add someone to the list of blogs/bloggers over on the left side there. I'm making an exception this time, because The Beer Brotha deserves some hits. It's a different take on beer and beer blogging, written by a black American from Texas, who goes by "The American Don." I wish the guy would post more often.

"Don" made a comment on my Cinder Cone tasting note, and Blogger automatically linked his Blogger profile to his name. So I clicked it. I liked the way he wrote, and what he wrote about, and when I saw he only had 45 hits on his visitor counter...I thought I'd lend a hand.

Yes, some of this is race-based. I only know three black beer geeks (Dell, James, Eric...yeah, I'm pointing at you), and about that many black brewers. I'd like to see more -- I'd like to see every part of America in the craft beer scene. So when I found The Beer Brotha, and liked it, well, you do your part to broaden, y'know? Do your part and check it out.

Don -- Heat's on, man, get blogging.


Anonymous said...

hey i checked out the beer brotha . found it really entertaining though i can see beer die hards complaining because hes reviewing beers they tried 10 years ago . but hey i lived in texas its really hot so its hard not to always wanna drink some cold swill

Lew Bryson said...

That was actually something I liked: a new look at SNPA by someone who's never had it and doesn't have a bunch of pre-conceived notions...I like the way it goes. And SNPA, Avery Maharaja..."some cold swill"? Dude, you are jaded!

Anonymous said...

Nice stuff from the Brotha! Glad you sent me to his site. Now up to 110 hits, so you have influence with like 65 people in this world, me included! Don is doing good work, and I hope he picks up the posting rate. Good tip!