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Friday, July 3, 2009

ANOTHER Leigh and Brendan operation!

That's right...a third operation from Leigh Maida and Brendan Hartranft after Memphis and Local 44: Resurrection Taproom, at the current location of Yello! Bar. Here's the story, from Leigh, earlier today:
Brendan and I are poised to sign a lease on the space known as (up until last night) Yello Bar, at Grays Ferry Ave and Catharine Street. (The fry oil might not even be cooled down yet... This is new for us, no years of decay to wade through. Well, I hope!)
We'll be renovating and redecorating the innards and (if all goes right) plan to be open by the first week of September. This is kind of break neck speed, even for us, but I think we've got the team assembled that can pull it off.
The name will be Resurrection Ale House, and we're hammering out a menu now that we think fills a gap in the neighborhood, casual, beer-centric, someplace you can feel like a grown up, and be catered to with care, but not have to spend a ton of money to feel like you got some real value out of your experience. We're focused (as always) on a stellar craft beer list, but we're equally focused this time on the dining side of things too. For now we're sort of working under the term "beer bistro" as a guiding principle, for the menu, the decor, the over all vibe of the place. We're hoping for the same kinds of laid back, food and beer savvy, mixed-bag of cool guests that we get to meet at Memphis and Local 44.
Brendan's planning a drive down to Baltimore to (hopefully) pick up a keg of Resurrection Ale from Brewers Art for the opening. (yay!)
There's a website (naturellement) and people can sign up for the mailing list to check up on the status of the opening and get invited to the big opening night bash.

Well...some people are thriving in the economy. Craft beer continues to rock. Rock on!


Anonymous said...

Wish I had their business savvy... and their investor connections!

I'd love to open a cool little taproom or brewpub, but it's always the thought of where the money would come from that puts up the red flag.

Of course I can't speak about Resurrection (yet), but if it's even remotely as great as the Memphis (one of my favorite spots in the city, by far) or Local 44 they will have another winner on their hands!

Jay Zeis said...

Quick question for you. I will be in King of Prussia this weekend for a wedding. Any suggestions for a lunchtime brewpub?


Lew Bryson said...

Rock Bottom: Brian's beers are great, food is solid. If you want more, email me: i'd like to keep the blog on-topic. Thanks!

Brooke said...

"Beer Bistro." I like it. Move the hell over wine.