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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Phoenixville Pub Crawl

Uncle Jack's plugging it, and so am I: the best event I missed at last year's Philly Beer Week...and I'm going to miss it again this year, dammit. The Phoenixville Pub Crawl is on June 5th, and features bars hosting brewers and brewpubs It was so much fun last year that Uncle Jack took a month to recover.

I can't be there -- Thomas graduates that day -- so stand in for me, willya? Head out to one of the suburbs' best beer towns for some good beer and good fun.

Hmmm...If Philly is America's Best Beer-Drinking City, and it is -- as I've said before -- a relatively small city in square miles with some of its best beer in the suburbs...what is Philly's Best Beer Suburb? Anyone?

Far as that goes, can anyone tell me what county in Pennsylvania has the most breweries? Anyone?


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Lew Bryson said...

dingdingdingding!!! We have a winner! Yes, as The Famous Woody pointed out to me during the Iron Hill Fest at Media (and it was a gorgeous fest, people), Lancaster County has more breweries than any other in the state: Lancaster, Iron Hill, Bube's, Spring House, Union Barrel Works, JoBoy's, Swashbuckler, and Stoudt's. Eight, altogether. Allegheny has seven.