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Thursday, October 25, 2007

STAG Poll #4: Brewpub Management

Still having fun...I'll have a new poll up shortly.

To jump-start your new brewpub, your best bet is to:

Brew an Imperial Hefe-PortIPAmber and call it Best Of The Northwest -- 15 votes (10%)
Add a little caustic to the DIPA, tell people it's a new hop strain: Cleveland -- 13 votes (8%)
Do Dollar Draft Nights with your Nicholas & Alexandra Double Imperial Stout -- 26 votes (17%)
Hire strippers to waitress on Dollar Draft Nights and up your insurance -- 58 votes (38%)
Just hop the bejayzus out of everything -- 58 votes (38%)

Total Votes: 149


Rick Sellers said...

Sounds like what people really want is hopped-up imperial-sized strippers at a bar named cleave-land that only serves cheap beer? Oh, wait, read that wrong.

Anonymous said...

sorry to 'nerd out' here, but Lew why do you have a "change your vote" option on your polls? Just curious :)

Lew Bryson said...

It's a Blogger thing, Rebecca: it shows up automatically.

Anonymous said...

Hop it up? This isn't flippin Oregon.. this is Pennsylvania. The real choice should have been to brew the first quintuple belgian and kidnap a trappist monk from Belgium and put him behind the bar.

Lew Bryson said...

You was originally going to be a shot at PNW brewing, and the question read something like "You're opening a new brewpub in the brewpub-saturated city of Portland, Oregon: how do you establish yourself?" But that question was too long for Blogger, so I cut it down, and mostly left the answers the way they were.

But I like yours! When the hell is Philly going to get a Belgian-focused brewpub?