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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Yards finds a home

Uncle Jack's got the details on the new home for Yards; go take a look.

I'm looking forward to everyone getting down to brewing in January. And then the sales fun will begin.


kmudrick said...

Any thoughts/predictions on success/failure between yards and philadelphia brewing co?

Lew Bryson said...

Hell no. I'm staying clear of that for now. Too many unknowns: who's really going to be brewing at either place; how much money does each company have; who's going to be distributing them/will they self-distribute; how similar will their pale ales be (big question, that one), and how similar will their lines be; and perhaps most important, how much energy will be devoted to screwing each other instead of simply putting heads down and brewing and growing a business? I'm hoping the answer to the latter is "Minimal", but it's hard to say. Talk to me in March.

Anonymous said...


As to your STAG poll #4: In the mid 90s there WAS a hushed case of a brewpub in a major Ohio city (NOT Cleveland, thank you very much!) which did accidentally serve caustic to a lunch customer. The brewery worker had failed to flush the lines after cleaning them. Apparently neither the bartender nor the customer noticed that the warm, headless, clear liquid in no way resembled the advertised beer. Fortunately no great injury was done, and the insurance settlement prevented litigation.