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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Apostel Bräu Pilsner

I got a box of German beer samples from Schwelmer Imports in Brooklyn a while back, new stuff they're bringing in with the help of Horst Dornbusch (disclosure: Horst arranged and led a press junket to Bavaria I went on three years ago, paid for by the Bavarian Brewers Guild...on which I didn't have the best time of my life. Beer was good, though). I just opened one: Apostel Bräu Pilsner, from the Eichbaum Brauerei in Mannheim. I meant to do tasting notes on it...but the deep golden liquid has disappeared. From my glass. Into me.

It never developed much head, which was disappointing. It's different from most German pilsners I've tried. It's not whelmingly bitter, and has quite a bit of body, with the bitterness wicking in at the end to clean things up. Don't know that I'd order it first off, but I suspect that if the price was right, I'd ride this horse all night long. Solid, workmanlike...German.

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