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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mark Haynie is an author

That's right, folks: New Jersey beer writer Mark Haynie is now officially a published author. That's because I just got word that copies of New Jersey Breweries arrived at the warehouse at Stackpole Books this morning, almost three weeks ahead of schedule.

Congratulations, Mark! Together we've written a book that takes readers through the breweries and brewpubs of New Jersey, from the big A-B plant in Newark to Tun Tavern in AC, from High Point in rural Butler to smack-dab-in-the-middle-of-it Gaslight in South Orange. Completed in late November, updated in February, and now in print. Take a look at some samples here.

It took us almost five years to put this together; not from want of my editor, Kyle Weaver, pushing me. We didn't believe there was enough to do the book. We were wrong. There's beer, brewers, and bars a-plenty in here, and you'll be glad we did it. Look for it on Amazon, or watch for Mark and I doing a booksigning; I'll post them as we get them scheduled.


Anonymous said...


Harvest Moon is in New Brunswick. Gaslight is in South Orange. It was just a slip, but as a regular at Harvest Moon, I felt obliged to point it out.

Lew Bryson said...

Yup, brain-fart, thanks!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS again, Lew! I ALWAYS enjoy each and every word in your books. You humble those of us who try to write for a living. The clips read a s good as anything you've done. Bravo!

Harry Spade said...

Nice touch sorting the webpage listings by Area.

I'm looking forward to getting this; my wife is from NJ and most of her family lives there, roughly 30 minutes north of Milford. The book will be an excuse for some nice side trips.