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Friday, July 11, 2008

InA-BuddaBevida suddenly much closer to reality

InBev and A-B's little dance of bluster and bucks may be coming to a quick end as a report of a sweeter deal comes out this morning. According to a variety of sources, InBev is ready to boost their offer to $70 a share, a $4 billion increase on their initial $65/share offer, and A-B's board is suddenly nodding, grinning, and, presumably, rubbing their hands together in anticipation of all that moolah.

This would create what is undeniably the world's largest brewer: $36 billion in annual sales, over 322 million barrels of beer, selling 300 brands on six continents. Wow.

They only have to deal with minor stuff: "so-called social issues including what the combined company would be called still need to be worked out." Hey, guys: the name in the subject line -- with its Belgian/Brazilian/Budweiser flair -- is all yours for a modest fee!

I'll have more to say, but that's the news for now. Looks like Bud's getting a Brazilian trim.

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