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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Harvest Time

I drove over to Honey Brook Farm to pick up our CSA share today. It was a great morning, cool like September or even October, and the bounty was huge. Here it is, spread out on the counter: 18 lbs. of heritage, cherry, and slicing tomatoes; four eggplants, four peppers, two bunches of beets, two bunches of basil, a bunch of dill, two heads of garlic, four hot peppers, and the pint of blackberries in front that I went out in the fields and picked myself. And what a joy that was, just strolling down the lanes of blackberry bushes, hanging with fruit, so much that I could be as picky as I liked and only take the fullest, darkest, sweetest berries.

There are weeks when we get a lot of kale and chard, and I sigh, and long for spinach and strawberries and radishes. Then there are weeks like this when I can eat tomatoes to my heart's content (I had two huge ones sliced up with a can of tuna for lunch), and bless the good earth. This weather rules: bring on the Fall.


Anonymous said...

what no peaches ???

Lew Bryson said...

Ah, well, Honeybrook does no tree fruits.