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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Whew. Just back from a very enjoyable week rusticating in Northeast Pennsylvania. We rented a cabin outside of Union Dale, near Elk Mountain, and kicked back. In fact, one of the first things we did was head out to Ace Beverage in Eynon to lay in some beer supplies. I got a case of Troegs Sunshine Pilsner, and a sixtel of Boulder Hazed & Infused. Ace had a pretty good selection of sixtels, and a "wow!" selection of beers in cases.

We settled on the H&I because we wanted something hoppy and a bit out of our ordinary. Good call, especially since I finally sprang for a CO2 tap ("Mr. Fizz" from the Leland Company; great tap, worked well, got it through KegWorks) and we didn't have to drink it all in one night.

The lodge was well back in the woods, and had ample space for nine of us. We invited family up to join us, and had a great time. We rode on the D&H Rail Trail several days. Brother-in-law Chris and I had a rough time of it. The first day, we unknowingly rode 10 miles of unimproved trail -- very rough -- then discovered our mistake when we rode a bit south after returning to the car. So the next day we rode south, and it was great, until we turned around on the gentle uphill return leg and got caught in a thunderstorm. We were soaked and shivering by the time we got back, and truly ready for a beer. Cathy and I rode from Herrick Center down to Carbondale, and it was great...except for the unmarked intersection south of Forest City where we had to guess which way the trail went (and guessed wrong, and had to back-track). Still, good riding, and very nice scenery.

Saturday, I went into town to check a few bars. First stop was the Anthracite Cafe, in what I was told was a converted VFW hall. It did have that very comfortable, "you're one of us" feel in a small taproom with a big bottle selection and some good taps (including the Boulder H&I). I ordered a DFH 60 Minute, and while the bartender was pouring it, I got recognized by a STAG reader, who then very graciously bought my beer. Thanks! Nice to know my readers are such good folks.

I had to run to stay on schedule, though I would have been happy to stay there all night. I headed up to Scranton to The Banshee, and it looked great, but there was a band and a $5 cover. I wanted one beer, not a $5 concert. Bad time to visit. So I left, grumbling. And...after a quick stop at Maxie's in Old Forge for a Lager and two cuts of their Old Forge pizza, I headed home. Slow night.

Anyway...I'm back. Thanks for keeping the place dusted while I was gone.


Bill said...

Welcome back! For us non-PA folks... when you say Lager with no identifying brand, I'm guessing you mean Yuengling?

Lew Bryson said...

Bingo, Bill! "Lager" has a very specific meaning in Pennsylvania: it means Yuengling Traditional Lager. Drives other brewers crazy.

Anonymous said...

And has forced even the biggest brewers to embrace the term. "The Great American Lager" my ass! The only reason they are using that is because of Yuengling's near monopoly on the term! Gotta love it!!!

Anonymous said...

man like musicians can't make a living?

Lew Bryson said...

Nothing against musicians making a living...but when I get paid a fee by a bar for an appearance, there's usually no cover charge; they take it out of the night's take. If it's a concert, which this essentially was, and I want to stop in for a beer, I'm being forced to buy a ticket for something I don't want to get a drink. So I skipped the bar altogether: no cover charge, no drinks sales...and in my case, no press/review/comments. When bars charge a cover, that's a decision they make.

MyBeer Buzz said...

Welcome back to NEPA....sorry we missed you but we were down visiting Weeping Radish while you were up our way. Hopefully we'll get you up here again on a purely "beer" visit so thos epesky bicycles don't get in the way ;)

Anonymous said...

How is old Chris doing? Have not seen him since the old days when we lobbied legislators in Richmond and enjoyed brews at Richbrau with many of them. Does He still live here in VA? Your Vacation sounds great. I'm looking forward to my own in Maine and N.E. next month.

Chuck Triplett

Lew Bryson said...

Had me confused for a moment there, Chuck...that was the youngest bro-in-law you're thinking of: Carl. But yeah, he's fine, still living in VA, still loving great beer (and BBQ). Supposed to be seeing him and the family next weekend; I'll give him your best. Have a great time in New England!