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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wow. My world is expanded

I know you guys don't really care -- I hope you don't! -- but I just hooked up a new monitor, a 22" flat-screen. Wow. It's not quite as 'wow' as the 19" I got two years ago, which seriously changed how I worked (I was on a 15" before that, and editing got a lot easier), but this is pretty damned great.

Wow. Back to work.


DFields said...

Get dual monitors...

...THAT will change the way you work.

Anonymous said...

Get twin 22" and you'll be cooking with gas!

Bill said...

Hey, thread hijack, but Lew is quoted in an article in today's NY Times on low-alcohol beers, and his(defunct? off for summer vacation?) Session Beer Project held here is highlighted. Go, Lew!