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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bosteels at P.O.P.E. tonight

Just remembered: Jack van Atwerpen, head of exports for Bosteels Brewery of Buggenhout, Belgium, is on an east coast swing with his importer, Lanny "The Great" Hoff (Artisanal Imports). They're in Philly at P.O.P.E. tonight, and you really should go, because the beers from Bosteels -- Kwak, DeuS, and Tripel Karmeliet -- are just excellent, and the passion with which they are made (coupled to an excellent business sense) is undeniable. I'd join you, but I've got work...again. Scratch that! Cathy saw this post, and talked sense into me: we're going!

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Lanny said...

Sorry I could not be there, Lew. I had an engagement (subsequently canceled) in the northern reaches. I hope you had fun with Jack and Cameron.