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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

You weren't doing anything today, were you?

Because Local 44 just flashed me: Dollar Drafts today...on Southampton Tripel. A better deal than the usual buck-a-beer gig on something like Miller Lite, right? It's on till 5 PM this evening, so better scamper.

They'll never miss you at work this afternoon. (Just kidding; you're a valuable and integral part of your boss's master plan.)


Anonymous said...

Sounds good. After going to Dock st for a Rye IPA during happy hour at $5 a pop.

Joe said...

Tripels for a buck each? Yikes. They're dangerous enough at €3.50 a pop.

Emma said...

How would you know that we aren't doing anything? certainly you did nothing and thats why you post

Lew Bryson said...

Hey, Emma; I've been working hard all week! That's why I haven't blogged since Tuesday.