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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cheese, Gromit! At Dawson Street!

The Dawson Street Pub was one of the pioneering beer bars in Philly (as Uncle Jack has told us time after time), but over time, lost a bit of their mojo. I've been stopping in again, and you should know that the mojo has returned, and you ought to stop in and check it out, at Dawson Street Pub: Version 4.0, as Dave Willby calls it these days.
Not only do they have the aforesaid mojo (proof of which you can see here), but they also have cheese, yummy delicious artisan cheese they get from the Chestnut Hill Cheese Shop. On Thursdays, they're pairing cheeses with beers, in small flights of each: 1 oz. of cheese, 3 oz. of beer. Here's what's on for tomorrow night, a $12 flight:

Duvel Green and Camembert de Normandie, France (This is an easier-drinking variation of Duvel’s Belgian Golden Ale. Duvel Green is a Blonde Ale that is pale in color, but not in taste. Its aroma is mild, but distinguishable with hints of herbs and hops that will work well with this mature rich cheese. Camembert is a soft, creamy cow’s mild cheese with an earthy nose and salty taste. These characteristics will complement the citrus and sweet malt in the body of the beer.)

La Chouffe Blonde and Brie, France (Unfiltered and fruity, this Blonde Ale will settle nicely with the creaminess of this French Brie. Notice the spice of coriander that will pick up the softness of this cow’s milk cheese. Brie can be complex on its own, but this light hops will complement some of its earthy elements.)

Maredsous 8 and Emmental, Switzerland (The 8 is a rich mahogany-brown Dubbel Ale with hints of dark fruit and chocolate. The sweet nose of this hard cow’s milk cheese, along with its detectable fruity taste, will complete the dry, warm finish of this full-bodied brew.)
A little something different, eh? Now consider that you can, if you'd like, get these cheeses on a juicy Dawson Street burger. And did I mention that they still are running three cask beers at all times? Mojo, baby.


Charles Stegmaier said...

For me, they lost their mojo when they took Stegmaier's porter off the draught list.

ClockworkOrange said...

My SIL could not have picked a worse time to move away from Seville St.