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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New -- whew, what a beer day!

That's this morning, drinking coffee and eating sticky buns in the kitchen because we had so many people sleeping on the floors we couldn't get at the dining room table. Lots of family over for the holiday!

Didn't get started on beer until about 1:00, but we've caught up fast. So far we've plowed through a big quarter of Pennsylvania brews: Otto's Jolly Roger Impie Stout (not over-hopped, more like that wonderful tarry character of what I think of as classic impies), Voodoo Brewery Wynona's Big Brown Beav -- Brown Ale (quite damned tasty, and a favorite during the Penn State squeaker over LSU in the, um, Capital One Bowl (was that right?)), and a delicious dynamic duo of Weyerbacher QUAD and Fourteen (or XIV, if you prefer, and by the time you're done with'll agree to anything). Woof. Might be time to break out the growler of Angus, the birthing beer for Andrew Maxwell's son (from Rivertowne Pourhouse). And let me tell you: a great day watching the Mummers! Thanks, Comcast!


bill mc said...

hey, you actually let someone wearing a Yankees shirt in your house??? shame on you...:)

Anonymous said...

I was with you until you thanked comcast (lower case c intended as an insult).