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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Good stuff from Uncle Jack

Jack Curtin has two newsy notes of great interest to Philly-area beer fans (and if they aren't of great interest to you, I have to question your depth of fandom...). Here he has the word on Scoats's latest, the opening of Hop Angel Brauhaus (the old Blue Ox, across from Rieker's Deli, and you will love that, my friends); and here, a less-happy note, is a quote from ex-Triumph brewer Patrick Jones on why he's an ex-Triumph brewer, what he's planning (or not), and a tip of the hat to another well-regarded ex-brewer.

Word to people with money and brains: a well-trained, multiple-medal winning brewer like Jones will not be on the sidewalk forever. Get your brewery plan together and snap this guy up. Or maybe...Gordon Biersch will finally get their heads out of their collective butt and come to Philly, and Patrick can re-enter that fold. Or even better, my grand Yuengling Philadelphia Brewpub scheme could come to fruition... Dreaming, I'm dreaming. I should go back to bed.


steve, no n said...

Man, that's a bummer about Patrick. All of the Triumph brewers have talent, but he was my favorite. I was bummed when he left NH for Philly, since NH is closer to me. He knows his way around lagers, for sure.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pumpkin Head
Hope you are well,know this is your time of the year forget about Yueng and Yang lets get that Red Bell Pub up and running and put a little fun and partying back in Philly area say what you want about the Red Bell boys they sure could throw a party

Lew Bryson said...

I get this kind of thing every day, folks. That's why I moderate.