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Friday, September 24, 2010

Pick-up and delivery

Yesterday was the day. I drove up to Stackpole Books in Mechanicsburg and met with my editor, Kyle Weaver...and took delivery of Pennsylvania Breweries, 4th Edition. A lot of books. We went to lunch at Grandpa's Growler (Guinness and chili; always a fave lunch), and then I hit the road. I drove down to my mother's, and delivered a signed copy, a tradition we've been following through the Breweries book. It was tough not having my father there. This edition is dedicated to him:

To Lewis M. Bryson II
Always at my side

Yeah. Anyway, I left, picked up Nora at school, and got home in time to tidy up, change shirts, and head down to the Hulmeville Inn for the first signing for the book. It was fun -- it always is there -- and we had some great beers from Philadelphia Brewing: three firkins pouring Newbold IPA, Pennsylvania Pale Ale (my first beer of the night; seemed appropriate, and even more so once I got that razory hoppiness in me), and Joe Coffee Porter, which was awesome out of the firkin: smooth, round, a really good porter and a really good coffee beer.

It was a good night. And Pennsylvania Breweries is on the road. See you soon: Weyerbacher and the Bulls Head tomorrow.


Uncle Jack said...

Wait? You wrote a new book?

Lew Bryson said...

Nah, just a new cover.

Anonymous said...

Amazon worst seller still

Lew Bryson said...

Sweetie...that could have something to do with it not being available yet. Love to ya!

sam k said...

The ability to remain anonymous really can bring out the "small" in people, can't it?

Congratulations, Lew! Being able to say "fourth edition" is not something many authors achieve. It's a testament to the book's concept, your hard work, and the enthusiasm of Pennsylvania's beer aficionados.

Awesome dedication,too.

Anonymous said...

I live in CT but have long been interested in the local/regional breweries of my nearby states- Lew's book is about as good as it gets- guarantee you'll be Mapquesting the addresses in the book as soon as you finish..can't wait to read this edition!

sam k said...

Anony, One of my best friends lives in Meriden, and we're exchanging beers all the time. Come on down!!