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Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy birthday, Resurrection!

Resurrection Ale House celebrates their one-year anniversary this Wednesday (Sept. 22, beginning at 5 PM). What a year it's been, with national recognition, local infamy (er...temporary infamy that turned into near-sainthood!), and, well, just one hell of a lot of good beer and food (and a proximity to some other great emerging places that turned this unlikely Gray's Ferry corner into a beer/food destination). How do you celebrate something like that?

How about stewed prunes?

Oh, sure, they'll have the usual Maida/Hartranft anniversary celebration stuff; complimentary butlered snackies, and some really neat drafts -- ho-hum, right? HA! -- but they'll also be participating in a simultaneous unveiling of Dogfish Head's new generation Randall the Enamel Animal, Sam Calagione's insanely-engineered beer infuser, and they're going to be packing theirs with prunes...that were soaked in 1997 JW Lees barleywine, and then running Dogfish Head Olde School (made with figs, I'd remind you) through it. Nummy.

The kids are more than all right, The Who and Annette Benning be damned. These kids rock.


Lew Bryson said...

Sure it is. Mixing beers is illegal. Why don't you go find a good pseudonym?

Bill said...

He's probably the prick that dropped the dime. Lew, if you could publish that pricks name I'd buy you a beer everytime I saw you.

(so far in 3 years I've seen you once)

The Professor said...

Mixing beers is illegal? Is that a Pennsylvania LCB thing? I've not heard of that before.

For years at my local in NJ I regularly drank pints that were 1/2 Sierra Pale and 1/2 Fullers ESB (probably a philistine thing to do, but I really liked the fresher hop character of the Sierra and the richness of the Fullers...the combination was actually pretty incredible).

BTW...that pruned-up DFH Olde School sounds pretty tasty! Are they making it "to go" ? LOL

Lew Bryson said...

It's not, Prof: no worries.

Leigh said...

Oy! We're infusing the DFH Barleywine with prunes. What those prunes were up to before they made their way into the Randall is nobody's business but theirs. (And they're a tight lipped bunch.)

Lew Bryson said...

Wow. An incredibly rude comment from (can you guess?) Anonymous. We won't be posting that one.

A note to rude bastards: don't bother. It's a moderated blog. Your comments won't see the light of day. Sheesh. Some folks just never get it.

JohnM. said...

"Wow. An incredibly rude comment from (can you guess?) Anonymous."

Wow! I am shocked. Puzzled too.

All you did was report the celebratory plans at Ressurrection Alehouse. They (I assume) are the ones actually running the BW though the Randle. If that's illegal, so be it, but how that makes you an idiot for simply reporting the event is beyond my ability to fathom.

So... Black and Tans are illegal in PLCB-world? Wow again... who knew?

Unknown said...

I live in Maryland, but used to live in PA. Pa has some weird laws, but why the randall would be illeagal, I've not a clue. I heard in PA, buying mixed 6-packs is not legal, maybe he is talking about that. But the Randall isn't mixing beers anyway. It is flavoring a beer. So if a Randall is illegal, than putting a lemon in a Hefe or a lime in Corona would also be illegal.