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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hey, quick note: Coronado at Devil's Den tonight!

Overlooked this e-mail: Devil's Den is hosting a Coronado night. This west coast brewery, just across the causeway from San Diego, just arrived in PA not long ago, and I got a shot at their beers: eye-popping.

Here's what they're bringing, courtesy of the folks at Devil's Den. 
·         Coronado Idiot IPA  - Double IPA, deep golden color, sweet toasted malt body huge citrus & pine hop bite.
·         Coronado Black Pearl  - limited— German style schwarz, smooth sweet roasted body, notes of coffee & molasses with smoky, woody finish.
·         Coronado Little Brown Lager  - limited - dark brown, big rich malty body notes of sweet chocolate & roasted nuts.
·         Coronado Pacific Pilsner  - limited  - a Czech style pilsner, deep golden, smooth bready malt body with a crisp hop finish.

Worth a stop, trust me. 

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