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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

TWO new PA brewpubs opening very soon

[Actually, make that two PA brewpubs open now, as of April 6, and congratulations to all involved. Both places are now officially open: go enjoy!]

Triumph Old City, Philly's first new brewpub in seven years, opens on Thursday, April 5 (117 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, 215/625-0855). There are at least two more brewpubs on the way for the city, and maybe a couple more in the wings. Things are looking good.

Union Barrel Works, the long-awaited Reamstown brewpub from Tom Rupp, opens...soon. (6 N. Reamstown Rd., Reamstown (MapQuest calls this Stevens, I don't buy it, but what do I know?), 717/335-7837). I talked to Tom's wife Amy yesterday, and there are still a few inspections to go. If you've been following this, you know that inspections have been a trial for UBW (and Tom), so she didn't want to set an opening date (which some folks predicted as early as last November...). Amy promised to let me know when they have a firm date.


Frank said...

As a contractor who's done work in that area, I can sympathize. East Cocalico code enforcement can be a nightmare. The outgoing message on UBW's voicemail promises an update thursday(4/5) p.m. Here's hoping they make it this time.

Unknown said...

Look forward to visiting both establishments. Might even try hitting Triumph tomorrow afternoon.

Ironically I just read a review for Union Barrel Works on Interesting, since I would think reviews should only be done for open establishments, since it can be a bit misleading. Anyway, it looks promising.

Lew Bryson said...

I hope to hit Triumph myself, wife may have other ideas. Something about yardwork and taxes.

As for that review, it seems to have a number of people stirred up. I think that the review makes it pretty clear that the place was not open, and there has certainly been plenty of anticipation on this one...maybe too much, as I noted in a post on the "Ooo, ooo, is Triumph open right now yet!?!?" thread on BA.

Besides, in a week, maybe a bit more, this will all be forgotten when the doors of both places are open and we're drinking, eh? It's about the beer.

Anonymous said...

All the local gods officially gave their blessings today to Tom and Amy. They have opened tonite and tomorrow will they will serve both both lunch and a dinner menu as well as all of their fine, delicious brews.

Make sure all of you come to celebrate a long overdue opening and the success of two beautiful, lovely people.

Scott said...

My wife and I stopped in at 8:40 PM last week and were told "the kitchen's closed- maybe we can make you a sandwich...". Good Luck Tom, we won't be back.