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Monday, August 25, 2008

Deschutes Twilight Ale

Yeah, I was busy tasting over the weekend. Here's the last one, for now.

I’m chasing the twilight of summer here, finally getting to tasting the samples of Deschutes’s summer seasonal, Twilight Ale. It’s a golden-hued ale, clean and bright, with a snow-white cap of foam. The nose is fresh like just-baked bread when it reaches a cool temperature throughout, with a dash of grassy, lightly citrus-laced hop. The quaff is good and deep, just a bit maltily sweet before the hop-current cuts in. It’s not overdone – this is, after all, Deschutes, and I don’t recall a rudely hopped beer in the bunch – and leads the palate along to a clean-breaking finish that leaves just a bit of bitter behind it. This is really great outdoors beer, just the thing for enjoying with friends and scenery. I’m sorry the summer’s almost over, and with it, Twilight Ale.

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Anonymous said...

Haven't had this beer in a couple of years, but definitely a favorite of mine. And Deschutes is one of my favorite West Coast breweries, bar none, they don't make a bad beer in my book. Hopefully one of these days they'll get distribution out this-a-way...