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Thursday, October 1, 2009

A few random thoughts

I woke up this morning with my brain buzzing, and coffee hasn't stopped it. Some random thoughts.
  • October is my favorite month, has been for most of my life. It probably has a lot to do with living in Pennsylvania; the leaves change, fall crispness is in the air, the light changes. It's also a great month for beer the upcoming Kennett Square Brewfest with the Conn-o-Session session beer event!
  • Glad to see more fresh hop beers every year.
  • Why is it that every time a western journalist interviews Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, they feel that they have to ask him about the Holocaust? Stop asking him, and he won't be able to keep talking about his ridiculous views.
  • The Phils are in the playoffs, albeit wounded, after a pretty damned dominant season.
  • I've got some great beers and whiskeys lined up to sample.
  • Donating blood and platelets is a lot more satisfying than writing a check; even Bill Gates can only give one pint at a time.
  • WhiskyFest San Francisco is only two weeks away!
  • Pennsylvania Breweries 4 is moving into high gear; time to hit the road in earnest.
  • In a year of personal milestones -- my 50th, my dad's 80th so far -- the most happy one is coming up: Cathy and I celebrate 20 years of marriage in December. I am a lucky man.
  • The first "Lunch with Lew" at Isaac Newton's went well, and we're setting up the next: a beer and cheese tasting. Look for more info soon.

Okay. More coffee!


Cornelia said...

Yes you are. Tell Cathy hello.

Steven said...

"In a year of personal milestones -- my 50th,"

Damn, yer old. Oh, wait... ;-)

My wife is happily awaiting my enrollment in AARP.

And ditto to Mahmoud.

We won't get into "fall crispness" around here. Brrrr.

Lew Bryson said...

I am practicing being a curmudgeon by holding off AARP with a forked stick.
"Fall crispness"? Shrinkage?

Steven said...

"'Fall crispness'? Shrinkage?"

Ask me Monday, after my annual weekend camping trip in New Glarus (yes, that New Glarus) for the Quivey's Grove Beer Fest.

The forecast calls for pain. Rain all weekend, temps in the low 40s each evening.

Shrinkage indeed. I'm too old for this s**t.

okbrewer said...

I like October as well, but you forgot to mention Halloween! Regarding your random thoughts:
Ahmadenijad is Farsi for
I'm Indeed a Jerk!
I think it is cute that you named your car, but why did you pick Earnest!?
October is also time for a trip to Wichita via OKC!?

sam k said...

I avoided the AARP thing for three years until my wife turned 50, too, and enrolled us both, dammit!

Steven said...

"I avoided the AARP thing for three years until my wife turned 50, too, and enrolled us both, dammit!"

LOL! I have to laff at that Sam, because as long as I can remember, my wife has said that she's with me because I'm older and can get her in the AARP backdoor sooner!

She wants those senior discounts!

Dan Bengel said...

Lew, come to the grey side. Your AARP sponser, Dan