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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Pennsylvania production brewery coming

Just found out about a new production brewery that should be opening in January outside of Pittsburgh. The principals include three of my favorite western PA brewers (no, surprisingly, Matt Allyn is not involved in this project), and I'm very glad to hear that they're planning to bottle beers. I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to reveal at this point. Enough to say that these guys are very good brewers and have some business experience as well. Auspicious!

Cat's out of the bag: check the comments for details.


Bob Batz Jr. said...

You tease!

Bill G. said...

Lew, if this is Rivertowne...well, Andrew, Barrett and Sean told us Mug Club members at last year's party that a production brewery would be coming up soon; at the time, they mentioned cans though.

It's also been floating around that North Country wants to do a production facility also...they just can't keep up with brewpub demand! (I know...what a terrible problem to have, right?)

In related news, any news on the Scrapyard project?

Lew Bryson said...

That's it, Bill: "Full Pint Brewing," in North Versailles. And Sean McIntyre (at NC) is in. FPB will be bottling and kegging Rivertowne, North Country, and Full Pint beers. I'll be talking to Barrett about it next month.

spoon said...

that's fantastic news! I know a lot of ppl out of the area who would love to get their hands on these beers.

Plus the mrs. would like to see less growlers taking up fridge space :)

chris said...

Congratulations to all involved!
Everyone can say, "hey you should, you have to, you need to," and these guys are going to actually do it.

I can't wait to stock every single offering that they create. A word to the public... support them in the taverns, bottle shops and the distributors to keep them growing. This is a huge financial undertaking and they deserve our support. The craftbeer industry needs you to grow. Thank you Lew for the great news.

Jeff Bearer said...

With a name like Full Pint Brewing. They better not package in 12 oz. containers. That's false advertising I say!

16oz. Cans and returnable bottles would be pretty sweet package lineup.

George Esslinger said...

I will neither confirm NOR deny that I am reinstituting my own Esslingers plant #2 in the Pittsburgh area specifically as an ale plant.

William Eberhardt said...

Is that blasted brother-in-law John Ober speaking out of line again? NO, we will NOT be re-opening E & O brewery!

sam k said...

Will be a great inclusion for PB4, especially with the recent brewery attrition rate in the 'burgh. Thanks for shining some light on this concept!

Bill G. said...

That's awesome news Lew! I know that Andrew wants to get his beer out throughout Pittsburgh, and I imagine that having a larger scale brewery make some of the base beers will really help Sean McIntyre (and hopefully return lagers and a couple big beers to North Country!)

So, I'm guessing that Full Pint will be Barrett's own brewery line?
Really awesome news for Barrett to be able to make his own beers as well!

My only question is just how big is this facility going to be?!?!