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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Copper Kettle

Finally getting to tasting the Copper Kettle beers I picked up in August (I tasted the Potbelly Porter early in November). The Celebration Boring wheat, with just a touch of off-flavor. The Porter is damned good, an honest, straight-up porter with the solid dark malt flavors -- coffee, chocolate -- you want. Good beer. There's a bottle just marked with a "K" on the cap: an 'experimental' kriek, Harold told me, usin some of Russ's homegrown sour cherries. It's kind of like a strong Belgian dark with spice, some candy-sweet, and a firm undercurrent of tartness from the cherries. It's working for me, balancing the sweet without using hops. What else we got here? Lucky 393 Grand Cru is the last one. Very foamy, heads up like a Duvel. It's got coriander and sweet orange peel, lactose and candi sugar in it; let's see how that all got together. Mmmm, well-melded. Not sweet, the coriander does not dominate but does add a nice drying touch; the orange peel is a nice "top dressing"; and the lactose puts a good medium body to it. Out of the ordinary, and nicely-done. Still think I'd drink the Porter most of the time.


sam k said...

Of their four mainstays, the porter presses my number two button every time. The perennially sold out Dubbel comes in first.

Russ and Harold are very generous (and capable) guys who have shared yummy one-offs with me in the past, but not being a note-taker, I can't remember what they are. All good stuff, though!

Frothingslosh said...

I have managed to try all of them but the porter which has so far eluded me. I thought the Celebration Wheat was nicely flavorful and not boring at all, though i must confess to being a big wheat beer fan. The Grand Cru struck me as a black belgian wit and I found it to be nicely different.