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Monday, December 7, 2009

Yuengling Porter Follow-up

I did put the question to John Callahan, lead brewer at Yuengling's "new" Pottsville facility: is 'porterine used in brewing the Yuengling Porter? No porterine, he said, "our Porters are brewed with Briess specialty malts$$$, and it is the oldest, along with Chesterfield Ale, of our recipes."

Doubters? Believers? John's a pretty stand-up guy, based on the impressions he's made on me on this day and at the MBAA meeting we attended last year. I buy it.


Bill said...

Good for you, Lew! Thanks! I would have lost money.

For us ignorant non-PA folks -- what's new about the "new" facility?

Lew Bryson said...

Oh, it's just "new" to me, as in that was the first time I'd toured it, and of course, it's new compared to the 178 year old main brewery. I think it's been open about 10 years now.

Unknown said...

I have been to the "new" brewery a few times, and have seen super sacks of Briess "porter blend" sitting around the brewery