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Monday, December 21, 2009

Old Bart...back at last

Once upon a time, Yards made a barleywine. It was called Old Bartholomew, or as we called it then, Old Bart. It was delicious. It was wonderful. At one Split Thy Skull at Sugar Mom's, I found that Old Bart was a hops antidote: I had a mouthful of Old Crustacean hopsamatic residue, bitter oils and resins puckering my ale-hole, immune to water, food...and one swallow of Old Bart returned my taste and pleasure. It was great, it was full, it was wonderful. And it went away. For ten years.

It's back! Ten Days of Old Bart starts New Years Eve at the ancestral home of Yards Brewing taps: the Dawson Street Pub. Here's the schedule. Hope to see you at one -- at least! -- of these.

Thursday 12/31/09 - Dawson St Pub 5pm - Firkin

Friday 1/1/10 - Devils Den 1pm - Firkin

Saturday 1/2/10 - Varga Bar 5pm - Frikin (on the handpump!)

Sunday 1/3/10 - Swift Half Pub 1pm - Firkin (plus the Eagles vs the Cowgirls on the bigscreen)

Monday 1/4/10 - Local 44 5pm - Firkin

Tuesday 1/5/10 - Hulmeville Inn 7pm - Firkin

Wednesday 1/6/10 - Standard Tap 6pm - Firkin

Thursday 1/7/10 - Kite and Key 7pm - Firkin

Friday 1/8/10 - Pub & Kitchen 5pm - Pin

Friday 1/8/10 - The London Grill 8pm - Pin

Saturday 1/9/10 - Pub on Passyunk East (POPE) 12pm - Firkin


Anonymous said...

will this beverage be bottled?

Anonymous said...

surprised the GLP wasn't included in the 10 days of Old Bart.