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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Penn Growlers!

Penn Brewery is getting back in the game indeed: they have growlers, for the first time ever, starting tomorrow night, Friday.

WHEN: Every Friday, from 4:00PM until 6:00PM
WHERE: Penn Brewery Restaurant
WHAT: 64 oz. growlers filled - $10 Bring your own growler, or buy a Penn Brewery growler for $5!
Pints also on draft - $3 (no growler required) 
This week's choices: Pilsner, Dark, Kaiser, and all new PALE ALE!

Get on with your bad self, Tom Pastorius, this is great!


Loren said...

This may be the straw that broke the camels back. I may now have to verbally abuse my in-laws for moving from Pitt. back to CT.

Awesome news.

Bastard locals...

JB said...

Great news, thanks!

Bob Batz Jr. said...

It was a very nice relaxed vibe early tonight. The beer was flowing pretty steadily -- my buddy had five growlers filled, and we shared a coupla pints of Pilsner and fresh-as-can-be Kaiser Pils -- and the good company included Tom Pastorius' lovely wife, Mary Beth. It was a bit like the old days!
New York City's discovering growlers now, but Pittsburgh's lucky to have a great and growing growler scene, anchored of course by the only-getting-better setup at East End Brewing Co. ...

Bob Batz Jr. said...

p.s. I'm pretty sure this is not the first time ever Penn has filled growlers, but the place did stop the practice for a long time; Mr. Pastorius is on record (justifiably) worrying that the oxygen introduced in filling the jug, and how clean a customer's jug is or isn't, can negatively affect the taste of the beer, especially if it is not consumed right away. But tonight he seems to be an enthusiastic convert, and lots of people were bringing in their own assorted vessels.

Sam Komlenic said...

Thanks for the review, Bob, and for your continued beer-focused vigilance for all things Pittsburgh! I remember well my last Kaiser Pils, and look forward, now, to the next!