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Monday, March 1, 2010

Pictures from the Mexico City part of the trip

That is the view from a gas station we stopped at on the way to Mexico City: you can see the two volcanoes in the wispy blue sky. I wish I'd taken more pictures on the trip, but we were traveling really fast, and most times it was pretty foggy/misty.

That's me addressing my people (I'm promising them more booze), overlooking the Plaza de La ConstituciĆ³n in the center of Mexico City (I'm standing on the top balcony of the Grand Hotel, a beautiful place, though I'm told the rooms aren't much).

And this is one of the nicest backbars I've ever seen, at La Opera, the "cantina" I talked about earlier. Amusing that La Estrella da Oro and La Opera are both called "cantinas." A bar is a bar is a bar...

I apologize for the layout. Blogger's kind of rudimentary on that, and it really depends on your screen.


Sam Komlenic said...

Nice pix, bro. definitely a different landscape, though!

jp said...

wow that back bar is amazing how elegant I would certainly enjoy sitting in there

Lew Bryson said...

The rest of the place was up to that standard, jp; too bad my pictures of it weren't!