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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Second Chance, Round 3...

Two more rounds, actually.  Again: if you don't see a bar here, chances are it's already in the book!

Here are some I may have missed in the Lehigh Valley...
  • Tally Ho, Bethlehem
  • Starter's Pub, Bethlehem
  • Volpe's Sports Bar, Allentown
  • The Tavern on Liberty, Allentown
  • Hops Fogelsville Hotel, Fogelsville
  • Dunderbak's Market Cafe, Whitehall
  • Blue Monkey, Catasauqua
  • Summit Bar & Grille, Macungie
  • Basin Street Hotel, Kutztown
And in the Harrisburg/Gettysburg area...
  • Coakley's Restaurant & Irish Pub, New Cumberland
  • The Coliseum, Camp Hill
  • Bourbon Street Saloon, Harrisburg
  • Molly Brannigans, Harrisburg
  • The Village Inn, West Fairview
  • The Pub & Restaurant, Gettysburg
 Thanks. One more round...Pittsburgh.


rtm218 said...

On the Harrisburg list, Bourbon Street's craft experiment was short lived and has long since been replaced with Jager-machines, cheap Blue Moons and beer pong.

The Coliseum has also significantly backed off their offerings in recent years. It's a shame with their being so close to Westy's and all.

Some possibilities worth considering after the area's obvious candidates (Shady's, Brewhouse, McGrath's... I know they're already there)would be Garrison's, Midtown Tavern and Pints in Harrisburg and Pete's Cafe in New Cumberland.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Dump bourbon street and No real reason to have molly branigans in either.

The midtown tavern has yuengling black and tan on tap and a troegs beer plus much better food, I would go with that instead.

Also, Stage on Herr in midtown has 4 taps, all troegs, no smoking, no tv's and has hanging art.

garrasons is a nice bar but lacking in good beer and doesnt change their taps (think shock top, 2-3 lights, rolling rock, etc)