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Monday, September 20, 2010

Saturdays at Village Whiskey

I was out last week, bourbonating, but I got a note from Jennie Hatton about a new Saturday schedule at my favorite Jose Garces spot in Philly, Village Whiskey. (If you don't know why it's my fave Garces spot...jeez, hello, the name?) They're calling the two hours between 2 and 4 PM "Five O'Clock Somewhere" and offering drink and eat specials.

What kind of drink/eat specials, you ask? Different every week, hon. There's a $7 special 2 oz. pour of whiskey, and it's not dopey, either: (ri)1, Ransom Whippersnapper, Dalmore 12, Suntory Hibiki (you know many places in Philly pouring Hibiki?). There are also $6 cocktails coming: Aviation, Brooklyn, the Martinez. They'll also have $5 wine specials and $4 draft specials (and the draft selection was good enough to get them into Pennsylvania Breweries). Check the website for this Saturday's drink reductions.

Eats? How about (in Jennie's own words) "$3 Snacks, including VW Burger Sliders, BBQ Pork Sliders and Pickle Canapes, featuring different house-made pickles each week." The house-made pickles, by the way, really are made in-house, and frickin' rock. recap: discounted booze and Garces food. Two hours. Saturdays (at least through the end of October), 2-4. My reaction? It's about time someone started having fun with whiskey in this town. (And if we could get rid of the PLCBosaurus, more folks would probably join in!)

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Nathan said...

I love Village Whiskey, although it's a shame they've gradually been dumbing down their menu since they opened. Still one of my absolute favorite spots in Philly!