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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Beer list for the first Bryson Session at Ortino's

We have the beer list for the first "Bryson Session" at Ortino's Northside (March 25th). These tend toward the higher end of session, but they're all under 5.5% except the last one, the "stinger," as we've been calling it.

Anchor Bock
Zum Uerige Classic Alt
Penn Marzen
Victory Donnybrook Stout
Troegs Sunshine Pils
And the stinger: Stegmaier Brewhouse Bock

Four Pennsylvania beers: not bad, eh? Dan promises food with each beer, but the main chunk is an open face sandwich of ham smoked in Ortino's own smoker out back (I'm gonna see if they can smoke some of my home-made sausage, too).


Steven said...

Bock, 5.5? 2, no less. Is this an Alternate Extreme backlash?

Lew Bryson said...

Zum Uerige -- 4.5%
Anchor Bock -- 5.5%
Penn Märzen -- 5.6%
Victory Stout -- 3.7%
Troegs Pils -- 4.5%
Steg Bock -- 6.5%

The Penn Märzen is over the top. But I did say that 5.5% was the top end, and we've got three beers that are quite comfortably under that. The Steg Bock, well...that's the fun beer at the end. And 6.5% is hardly extreme!

To be honest, I think this says more about the availability of sub-5% beers than it does about what we picked. Remember: we're trying to get seasonals, too. What's seasonal in Spring? Bock. You want we should get Shiner?

Steven said...

"The Steg Bock, well...that's the fun beer at the end. And 6.5% is hardly extreme!"

Not "extreme", but more in line with Bock ABV. I was afraid when you said they were all under 5.5 and saw 2 bocks on the list, but, no - no Shiner for me thanks. ;-)


Steven said...

No Victory Stout in my corner of Chicagoland. :-(

Guess I'll have to make do with Guinness tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Shit, I just realized you wrote the sessions are mostly sold out already. I didn't realize there was an RSVP expectation until I came on your site, Lew. On beer advocate it says nothing about buying tickets, or making a reservation, etc. Matt Capone and I were planning on going...will we be turned away at the door? Can I still call and make a reservation?

Lew Bryson said...

Whoa, Rebecca! YES, there are spots left, at least 10. Call Ortino's and let 'em know you're coming.

We did have to make one change: the Uerige Classic Alt is no longer imported, and we don't want to serve you old stuff (and it's not really a seasonal anyway...), so we're serving up the Redhook Copperhook instead. It's 5.7%. but to be honest, at this point we're scrambling a bit for seasonal sessionals. So drink up, me hearties!

Anonymous said...

Lew, did Sam Adams get rid of their spring ale? It was a seasonal; the best out of the four in my opinion of it. Not sure how sessionable it is/was though.

Lew Bryson said...

Yeah, the Sam Adams Spring Ale, a kölsch-type, was replaced by the White Ale, a witbier. Both are 5.2%, so they would have been on-target there, but I kinda wanted to save the witbiers for summer.

Anonymous said...

You should have given me a call. Could have supplied our House Ale - 4.2 abv. Nice session beer

Lew Bryson said...


Fear not! We've got more of these coming, especially after how well yesterday's first attempt went. I was a big fan of your Mild (the only one, maybe, but what does everyone else know?). We'll be in touch, thanks!