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Friday, March 16, 2007

"What the Hell is Scratch Beer?"

"What the Hell is Scratch Beer?" is the provocative teaser in the latest Tröegs Tales, the Harrisburg craft brewer's e-letter. "We can’t tell you yet, but it is part of our 10th Anniversary Celebration and you will be able to experience it exclusively at Tröegs Brewery."

No more least not official ones. But I heard around the backdoor of the brewery from a wholly unreliable source that the Scratch Beers will be a series of very small one-off batches, based on recipes from ten years ago, beer ideas that John & Chris had before the brewery opened, but didn't quite make the cut for those first beers. Now's their chance. They will be bottle-only, and only available in the brewery giftshop; there won't even be enough made to put out in normal channels.

Of course, that's just what I heard... If you want the solid facts, as soon as they come out, with a list of the actual beers (which should be released all through the summer...I hear), you oughta subscribe to Tröegs Tales: the full story comes out next month.

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