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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Triumph Philly -- update

Talking to a lot of brewers today... Just got off the phone with Jay Misson, head brewing fella at Triumph. The story on their soon-to-open Philadelphia location on Chestnut St. in Old City: they're waiting on a certificate of occupancy from the city, inspections and that, and they're open. Look for that in late March, early April; better date when I get it. Grand opening is --right now -- scheduled for April 30.

Beers that will be on: Honey Wheat Amber, Bengal Gold IPA. Kellerbier (pils-style, deep gold) Dunkel, Oatmeal Stout, Chico Ale, Porter, Love Potion Belgian Tripel.

"There's parking all around us," Jay said, to quell my suburban driver fears.

How's it look? Well, I hope to get a peek this weekend, but meantime Jay said it's hip, industrial in spots (I thought the other two Triumphs were, too...), and sectioned into smaller areas.

Some cool news for glassware freaks like me: Jay's got a new glass coming from Rastal that actually looks like the glass in the Triumph logo. Hrrmph! About time!


Loren said...


How's that for warm and cuddly?

Planning a Philly trip should be easier now. Kellerbier from day one? Sold!

Lew Bryson said...

Ain't that grand?

Which reminds me: Tom Rupp said that he was planning on running his lagers unfiltered until he found a reason not to...and I suspect he won't find one. Mo' flavor, baby!