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Monday, March 5, 2007

SBP: Join Me March 25th for the First "Bryson Sessions"

Talking up session beers has generated some interest in these wonderful drinks, and now we've got some solid action. Ortino's Northside has invited me to host a session beer tasting/dinner on Sunday, March 25th. We've got a great line-up of session beers for you (plus a not-so session beer at the end just to nail things down), some session-type food, and plenty of my entertaining thoughts on beer, or "goat blather," as my dad likes to call it (I know, Sir, but I can't print what you really call it: the grandkids look at the site). I'll have that beerlist for you as soon as we get availability on a couple of them nailed down.

Before I forget: you can make your reservations by calling Ortino's at (610)287-7272. (They're located at 1355 Gravel Pike (Rte 29), Zieglerville, PA.)

This event also marks the graduation of Jack Curtin Posse Member Dan "The Big One" Bengel to event organizer: congratulations, Dan, and welcome to the Job That Never Ends. Here's how The Big One described The Bryson Sessions (yes, we have tentatively planned to have one each come out and support us!):

Did you finally wake up this morning at work, with your head buried in a cup of coffee, and your head and liver screaming no mas? If so, you may have a condition known as "extremebeerism." I know, I have it too. Here at Northside we are running a new program four times a year to help you with this problem. For $40 you can enter the Bryson Sessions, a seasonal look at session beers run by Dr. Lew Bryson.

Though Dr. Bryson is not a medical doctor by trade, he is, however, a beerotologist. He can help you get over that feeling of needing that quadruple IPA, aged and fresh hopped in a whiskey barrel, for your first several beers of every night. Instead, you can have several session beers, and have a conversation, and EVEN REMEMBER IT! So save Sunday, March 25 at 5 p.m. on your calendar and get the help you really need. (Extreme beer will be served after the event to help the weaning process.)

If you'd like to come out to Zieglerville and join the fun, it's not far from the Collegeville exit of Rt. 422 or the Quakertown exit of PA 476 (the Northeast Extension). If you haven't been to Ortino's yet, this will be a great intro to this surprising rural beer bar and restaurant.

I hope to see you there!


Anonymous said...

damn, wish I was closer, sounds like a blast.

Stonch said...

It's not inconceivable that I might be in or around Philadelphia then...

Lew Bryson said...

Love to have you! We could blog, even.

Anonymous said...

My husband Michael and I will be there tonight - we're lucky enough to live right down the street from Ortino's Northside and wouldn't dream of passing up this dinner.