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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The 21 LDA: has it really saved lives?

Choose Responsibility has really started to ramp up the discussion of the 21 Legal Drinking Age, and their website has started to feature the clear looks at the effects of 21 LDA they promised at the start of their mission.

For example: has the 21 LDA really saved lives on the road? Maybe, but nowhere near the thousands claimed by proponents: have a look (and note that this is not speculation, but reasoned from cited sources).

For example: are young brains really more susceptible to damage by alcohol? The evidence is inconclusive (and like I always say...where's the epidemic of brain damage in countries with lower LDAs?).

Go and take a look. This is not screeching, preaching, or speculation. This is a call for debate on a national issue with deep personal consequences, an issue that is open to debate, that begs open debate.

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