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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Knight's Head Pale Ale

What was once a big anniversary now a pale ale. Sic transit lupula mundi (or something like that; it's approxiLatin for "So passes the hoppiness of the world").

Knight's Head Pale Ale is a beer being made under contract by The Lion for Round Table Brewing, and it's essentially the well-remembered Lion Anniversary IPA that shocked and rocked us with its sub-$20 a case intensity. KHPA is different: it's all-malt, which shows in its more supple flow on the palate and smooth character from first swallow, and it's not as crushing in its hop blast, though the follow-thrust is every bit as powerful. This is about where the LAIPA was after five or six months in the bottle: KHPA is pretty damned drinkable right now. Not sure what they're getting for this, but if it's under $25 a case, it's a steal.


Bill said...

Lew, no need to post this as it was inspired by the above no-comments-being-taken post, but for a future entry -- what's the progress on the new version of Perkuno's Hammer? New name, release date, anything's appreciated. Also nice to see some spirits get entries here recently!

Anonymous said...

I remember walking into Exton Bev. and seeing the Anniversary IPA for $18. I thought, "no way is this any good," but I bought the case anyway. Wow, I was impressed. Not the best I ever had but certainly the best for under $20 and a fine beer regardless. I am glad to see it back!

Lew Bryson said...

Bill -- No news on the Hammer...and I'm a bit nervous, to be honest. Hope to get some news tomorrow.

cmclair -- That "best for under $20" applies to a LOT of The Lion's beers. I don't know how much the Knight's Head's going for -- or where it's being sold -- but it could be another deal-a-rama. Just wish we could get that Summer Stock Lager back!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the news, never heard of Knights Head, but will watch for it.
You're right about the Lion IPA calming down about 6 months in cellar. I'm impressed with the Steg 150. Nice lawn mower brew.
Pretty smooth. Guess they want to go after Yengling.
Just got back from Victory and no sign of the Hammer.
Lions Summer stock, yeah that was good.
I hope Lion comes out with Octoberfest that's different.
Now that I think of it, they could improve it some. Less biscuity.

mdk said...

I picked up a case of this at Beer Arena in Greensburg, PA. After tax it was less than 10$ (?!) 9.50 I think. Anyhow, it's not spectacular, but if I didn't know better, I'd guess 9.50 would get you a six pack rather than a case.