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Thursday, August 9, 2007

National Rum Day

Bourbon may get a month, but even rum gets a day. Thursday, August 16, has been declared -- by someone...does it really matter who when you're looking for an excuse to have a good drink? -- NATIONAL RUM DAY. So get you some good rum, some lime, and maybe some mint, and have you a drink, man. I'll be joining you.

Here's Ed "Ministry of Rum" Hamilton's recipe for 'Ti Punch* (say "tee punch", it's short for 'petit punch') Where you get the sugar cane syrup is up to you; I'd suggest a Caribbean market, if you have one nearby. As for the rum, it's worth it to go out of your way to get rhum agricole; if you haven't enjoyed this luscious stuff, no time like the present to start.

1/4 tsp of Petite Canne sugar cane syrup
lime juice

Pour a splash of sugar cane syrup in a glass. Squeeze a small slice of lime, cut from the side of the lime, over the cane syrup. Add a measure of Rhum Agricole Blanc. Stir and add ice. Allow the ice to chill the cocktail while the flavor of the rhum, sugar cane syrup and lime blossoms.

*(It's copied from, and I would have just put a link, but...the site tried to bomb my PC with all kinds of pop-ups and crapware, so sorry, guys, I'm copying in courtesy to my readers.)

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