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Monday, August 6, 2007

Get Ready for National Bourbon Heritage Month

National Poetry Month, National Ice Cream Month, National Women's History Month, National Pet Month, National Mentoring Month, National Head Lice Prevention Month... It's about time we got National Bourbon Heritage Month!

Next month, September 2007, has been declared such by unanimous vote of the U.S. Senate, a deliberative body that I suspect is responsible for Washington, DC, being one of the biggest bourbon markets in the country. The federal government declared bourbon to be "America's Native Spirit" back in 1964, and laid down regulations for its definition, a kind of reinheitsgebot for bourbon.

And now we have a national month for bourbon. These "national months" are silly, I confess, but Bourbon Heritage Month will be what we make of it. Myself, I plan to blog from the Kentucky Bourbon Festival, and get some bourbon tasting notes up here. Let's make this a real thing, at least around here!

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