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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Founders KBS

I got a sample of Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout two months ago, and finally got to it last night. It was one of those "on the deck in the dark" nights, and the KBS made it a good one.

Black as the night around me, and densely opaque as a good heavy pumpernickel.

Richly aromatic, even when cold, and almost explosive as it warms up: dark, oily coffee; roughly sensual chocolate/cocoa; oaky-sweet bourbon.

Rolling heavy in the mouth, full but easily teased into separate chocolate/vanilla/coffee notes, the bourbon/wood rolling around everything. Surprisingly light finish, didn't hang unctuously in the mouth.

Drank so easy I was shocked to see I'd finished it.


Unknown said...

This post deserves praise simply for the use of the word "unctuously". :)

No KBS here...but now I want an Tmpy Stout. '06 Stone Russian Imperial Stout, here I come.

Tom E said...

I have to say, not a huge fan of this beer. My experience was similar to yours, just turn the oily coffee up to 11 and turn everything else down to about 4.


Lew Bryson said...

I think this is one of those rare beers that could really stand up to a cigar.

And, well, I guess it depends on how much coffee you like on your beer.

Rich said...

The oakiness left an ash tray tast in my mouth. Maybe I'm just not used to these big barrel aged stouts as I don't drink them that often, but my feeling was this was an over-hyped beer, not totally worth the $9 I paid for the bottle. Don't get me wrong, I don't think this is a bad beer at all, there are definately good highlights to it, just not my thing.

Your cigar comment I would agree with.

Steven said...

Man, after this review the regular BAs would knight you, except the full volume ecstasy wasn't there. ;-)

Carey said...

This is one of those brews I (personally) believe has succumbed to conspicuous consumption - The hard-to-get factor and internet (BA) hype contributes to its mythology. Yes, it is very good, in my humble opinion (I think everything Founders' does is good). I have had a few bottles of KBS. In two the coffee seemed to have attenuated and the brew was very boozy. Perishable. One of the three, though, was amazing. Thick and rich, layered, not boozy. Sounds like the one you had, Lew. However, when you consider that I bought the bottle for $11 from one of my local taprooms, it is clearly not for everyone. Founder's Breakfast Stout is a solid beer, and not that many grades below the KBS. (Incidentally, the last time I had KBS, I had it side-by-side with Mikkelar Weasel Geek Brunch and Brooklyn Black Ops. The Weasel beer won in my opinion, but then again, I was intrigued by that ingredient that was "conspicuously" present ;-)

Tim said...

I fully realize that I'm way late on this post, that being said I just wanted to reiterate what Brandon said.

Great review, too. Totally agree with the cigar statement.